Poshmark Case Study - Poshmark Uses TruValidate Device Risk to Better Protect Customer Accounts

Poshmark, a premier online marketplace, grappled with malicious account creation, counterfeit listings, financial scams and more — threatening user trust and business continuity. To fortify its platform, Poshmark employed TransUnion TruValidate™ Device Risk. With its expansive device database, historical fraud reports and global consortium of fraud experts, Device Risk offered a solution tailored to Poshmark’s unique needs. Device Risk tracks devices and accounts, identifies risky users early in the onboarding process and filters out potential bot traffic, better delivering an optimal experience for legitimate users. Through this integration, Poshmark bolstered its fraud prevention strategy through greater data transparency and reduced chargebacks. The collaboration was further enriched by TransUnion’s Customer Success team, which Poshmark indicated provided invaluable insights and proactive assistance.

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