Unlocking Marketing and Growth teams with Customer Identity

Why use Customer Identity to empower growth and marketing teams?
  • Customers increasingly buy products and services online, demanding delightful user experience, personalization, and security to win their wallets at home and work.
  • To thrive online, growth and marketing teams use digital marketing strategies — such as Product-Led Growth (PLG) and Product-Led Sales (PLS) — to win customers and increase the company revenue. These strategies rely on key requirements to work: user experience (UX), user insights, and security.
  • Customer Identity and Access Management (CIAM) solutions provide the UX and Security controls that allow customers to interact with products digitally while delivering the Insights required by the revenue teams to apply digital marketing strategies.
  • CIAM is built around the most critical component in the purchase journey — the customer — and delivers features that can be implemented and tweaked fast.
  • That makes CIAM a compelling first step towards building a digital strategy that helps revenue and engineering teams iterate faster, building the features and culture towards a fast and tightly integrated product and revenue organization.

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