Unlock the Power of Payroll: Using Payroll Strategically to Drive Business Success

Most businesses view payroll as a “set it and forget it” function. It’s one of those backoffice transactional tasks that keeps your employees coming to work every day. Everything is right in the world if it’s on time, accurate, and compliant. It’s only when something out of the ordinary happens — like someone not getting paid for the correct number of hours — that payroll professionals have to step in to fix a problem.
But payroll, like many other things in our lives today, is evolving in ways that help to engage your employees and improve your business outcomes.
This guide will demonstrate four ways that your payroll can be used as part of your business strategy to:
  • Save time and improve operational efficiency
  • Attract, engage, and retain talent
  • Create a more equitable and inclusive work environment
  • Improve employee well-being, mental health, and productivity

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