Top 6 Strategies for Reducing Data Warehouse Costs

Cost reduction is a key selling point of cloud data warehouses.
With serverless architectures, near-infinite compute and storage, and pay-as-you-go pricing, cloud data warehouses can make teams more efficient and cost-effective.
But teams can also neglect or misuse the power of data warehouses. The ease and awesome scale of these platforms can magnify problems such as query recomputation, misaligned compute resources, and suboptimal data storage.
These issues, of course, drive up costs. This causes a data warehouse to become a cost center, rather than a cost saver.
However, reducing data warehouse costs is achievable for most teams if they employ the right strategies. By adopting best practices, teams can lower the cost of their data warehouse without sacrificing performance.
In this guide, we’ll discuss the real strategies our customers employ to reduce data warehouse costs. By the end, you’ll have concrete ideas about how to lower your data warehouse bill.

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