Top 5 Use Cases for Splunk Enterprise Security

Learn the top five use cases for Splunk Enterprise Security
We need to help security teams speed up their response times while reducing the number of security alerts they get. We can start by improving visibility into their environment, so they can detect and respond to threats faster. Better yet, an automated response to alert triage can turn minutes into seconds and hours into minutes.
Splunk has worked with customers for years to find the security answers hidden in their data. We’ve bundled those conversations into this quick guide on high-level security analytics use cases and how to get started. Learn how Splunk Enterprise Security (ES) can help you:
  • Identify and respond to security threats like compromised
    credentials, privileged user compromise and more.
  • Spot an insider threat before they can cause your
    organization harm.
  • Improve your cloud security to thrive in a perimeter-less

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