The digital last mile: how to optimize authorization rates to help increase conversion and drive revenue

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Everyone in your organisation is focused on improving your bottom line. From product offerings and marketing channels to website design and customer experience – it all leads to that final stage: checkout and payment. But if payment isn’t authorised, the transaction remains uncompleted and you may lose a customer and remain unpaid. In the case of fraud, this may result in unnecessary transaction costs. Focusing on that digital “last mile” and the payment experience can help to increase transaction authorisation rates – and revenue – while maintaining customer satisfaction and reducing customer churn.
On this actionable guide, PayPal presents you with insights on where to act to boost your authorization rates. Safely. As one of the leading payments providers, PayPal payment processing, powered by Braintree, has unique insight into issuers’ decision-making processes. We’re continuously optimising authorisations and generating increasingly accurate information to help improve authorisation rates.

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