The Business Bottleneck

Breaking Through the Last Barrier of Digital Transformation

Many mainstream companies are striving to adopt the “tech company” business model established over the past two decades by Amazon, Google, and Facebook. Look no further than the way The Home Depot, Allianz, DICK’S Sporting Goods, Ford, and Daimler do business today. These companies are taking the tech company approach by focusing on product development and management.

In this report, author Michael Coté (Monolithic Transformation) shows business people how to accelerate their company’s digital transformation. Software is at the center of how tech-company businesses operate, how they innovate, and how customers interact with them. But as this report explains, becoming a tech company isn’t primarily a tech issue; it’s become a business problem. That’s where the bottlenecks exist.

You’ll examine:
  • The finance bottleneck: How forecasts, plans, and commits often fail in the chaos of business and software development
  • The strategy bottleneck: Why tried-and-true approaches to corporate strategy are a poor fit for digital-driven business
  • The leadership bottleneck: Why leadership, concerned with success and sustainability, is powerless to change how people operate
  • Case studies: How Duke Energy and other businesses have adapted to short software cycles

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