State of Digital Customer Experience – Focus on Retail
Dive into our State of Digital Customer Experience: Retail report with Oxford Economics to see how retail executives are investing in their customer experience strategies in terms of managing data, adopting new tech, integrating generative Al, and more. Discover key steps retailers can take to improve the personalization, speed, and security of their shopping experiences.
What value does this offer provide for the target audience? This report will help retailers understand where they should focus their personalization efforts to provide the best customer outcomes and address challenges such as data privacy, Gen Al use, and the interplay between digital and physical stores.
Supporting Concepts:
  • – 40% of retail executives consider improved customer experience a top priority/business focus
  • – 37% have made breaking down organizational siloes to enhance customer experiences a top business focus
  • – Nearly all retailers (91%) believe they effectively collect the data they need to personalize experiences while simultaneously respecting privacy expectations, but their customers may not agree: just 41% have strong or complete trust in the industry to enforce ethical practices around data privacy and sharing.
  • – 44% cite rapidly changing customer preferences as most prohibitive to personalization efforts

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