Scaling AAV production from 30mL to 1,000 L bioreactors for clinical applications

In this webinar, Scalable production of AAV from shake flasks to 1,000 L single use bioreactors using the Gibco™ CTS™ AAV‑MAX Production System, Jon Zmuda from Thermo Fisher Scientific will share several case studies, demonstrating upstream and downstream approaches for consistent and scalable production, purification, and characterization of AAV at scales ranging from shake flasks to 50 L and 1,000 L single use bioreactors.
Key takeaways:
  • Find out about how the AAV‑MAX system can meet needs for consistent, scalable, and cost‑effective AAV at all stages of development
  • Understand how to scale upstream AAV production to 1,000 L, including guidance and best practices for seed train, transfection, and other production parameters
  • Learn how to implement a downstream workflow for AAV purification at a 50 L scale

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