Reduce the Total Cost of Fraud

Combine Al-Powered Identity Orchestration with Industry-Leading Anti-Fraud Solutions
Digital transformation initiatives offer numerous benefits to organizations, however, following closely on the heels of digital transformation efforts is its biggest challenge: online fraud.
Cybercriminals continuously study and adapt to new technologies, laws and regulations, consumer behavior, and market trends to find new ways to exploit vulnerabilities and carry out fraudulent activities.
The ForgeRock Identity Platform, now a part of Ping Identity, offers advanced access management and Al-powered identity orchestration capabilities that make it easy to integrate signals from your organization’s custom-built solutions and industry-leading anti-fraud solutions into user journeys.
Read the white paper, Reduce the Total Cost of Fraud, to learn:
  • – Insights into choosing the right IAM solution for preventing fraud
  • – How Ping Identity provides continuous authorization using device and user context
  • – How Al-powered threat protection can help prevent account takeover and fraud at the identity perimeter.
  • – How to build user journeys integrating external fraud and risk signals into user journeys
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