Radically Collaborative Patterns for Software Makers

Get a unique collection of radically collaborative patterns for building software with others. In this mini-encyclopedia, third-generation programmer Matthew Parker introduces you to 27 successful patterns used in organizations that follow distinctive methodologies such as Scrum, Extreme Programming, SAFE (Scaled Agile Framework), and others.
Each short essay in this report describes why a particular pattern is useful and helps you understand just how radical each one really is. Because the patterns in this guide are differentiated but integrated, none of them can be described without referring to others. Rather than read this book from cover to cover, choose patterns that stand out for you and move around the chapters from there.
You’ll explore:
  • High-level patterns: Autonomy of Space, Collocation, Communal Breakfast, Free Snacks, Outsider-In, Play Space, and Workspace Standup
  • Team-wide patterns: Balanced Team, Collaborative Story Acceptance, Discovery and Framing, Facilitation, Information Radiator, Team Standup, User Stories, Velocity, and more
  • Patterns specific to specialized roles: Continuous Integration/Continuous, Deployment, Pair Programming, Promiscuous Pairing, Test-Driven Development, and more

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