Protecting Data and AI in
2024: What CISOs Need
to Know

Stay one step ahead of data risk in 2024.

A New Era for Data Security

Are you thinking about data and AI security in 2024?
Growing data volumes, increased regulation and the shift toward AI make it difficult for organizations to understand which sensitive data they hold, who can access it and where it’s exposed. To regain visibility and control, organizations are exploring data security posture management with data detection and response.

Yotam Ben-Ezra
Director, Product Management

Join Prisma® Cloud data security expert, Yotam Ben-Ezra, Director of Product Management, to find out how the latest advancements in data security can help you discover, classify, protect and govern data in cloud environments.

In this webinar, you’ll learn:

  • Why the cloud creates a new attack surface that is inherently difficult to protect.
  • The security and compliance risks that stem from unprotected data and AI infrastructure in the cloud.
  • An introduction to DSPM and Dig Security, which was recently acquired by Palo Alto Networks.
  • How agentless tools allow you to see a full picture of data risk in your environment within 24 hours, without impacting other business operations.
  • Getting started with data discovery and classification.
  • Monitoring data and responding to incidents in near-real time.
Stay one step ahead of data risk in 2024 to prevent costly breaches and compliance violations. Explore DSPM and DDR technologies and how they can help you discover, classify, protect and govern all your data across the different cloud environments.

DSPM + DDR webinar

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