Preparing for New
Cybersecurity Reporting

Government-imposed rules on incident reporting by organizations impacted by cyberattacks are not new – many sectors have been subjected to them for decades. What is new is that governments are introducing new, more stringent incident reporting rules that will affect a broader set of organizations.
The new reporting requirements indicate that the regulators are setting the expectation that CISOs, C-suites, and boards of directors take a proactive role in implementing more structured cybersecurity policies and procedures to identify, manage and report on their cyber risks.
Palo Alto Networks Unit 42™ partnered with HardenStance to provide a global view and insight into proposed rules, including practical guidance on how to prepare for new incident reporting requirements.
Download the whitepaper and understand how to:
  • – Make mandatory incident reporting as frictionless as possible.
  • – Apply core principles and practical steps to get your organization ready.
  • – Derive maximum benefit from the process.

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