PayPal Fraud Protection

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Fraud doesn’t stand still. As consumer behaviour continues to change and the expectation for seamless online experiences has become a must-have for businesses, fraudsters are developing new ways to take advantage of online experiences that are meant to be easier on customers. As a result, cyber fraud is on the rise and so is the amount of money businesses are willing to spend to fight it.
Staying ahead of increasingly sophisticated and complex fraud schemes is key for businesses to be able to deliver on today’s consumer expectations but making the move to a digital-first model must happen first. As the global shift towards online experiences continues, enterprises must remain competitive by implementing fraud solutions tailored to this evolving digital landscape.
Learn how PayPal Fraud Protection Advanced, an adaptive machine learning solution with robust capabilities to help mitigate fraud and reduce losses, can help enable businesses to protect against evolving fraud, and empower businesses to identify and investigate suspicious transactions, differentiate legitimate customers from bad actors and streamline online experiences for trusted users.
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