Okta + Deloitte: Look to the Login Box to Increase Customer Loyalty

With the inevitable demise of cookies, marketers are scrambling for ways to deliver personalized experiences with user consent, all without compromising convenience or security. Today, many are turning to the login box as a critical first step in executing an effective first-party data strategy. It’s no longer just a security requirement – it’s now the doorway into their brand’s digital user experience.
By making the login box a more frictionless user experience, marketers can help people cross that bridge from being anonymous users to familiar customers who will develop trust and brand loyalty over time with the information they choose to share.
Join Okta and Deloitte to learn techniques that marketing and digital teams can use to remove friction from their login experience – leading to improved acquisition, retention, and increased revenues.
  • Why 37% of brands are actively evaluating or testing eliminating passwords, and 57% say they’ve seen an improved user experience
  • The latest in effective customer identity strategies, including social logins, progressive profiling, and more
  • How to achieve personalization without cookies

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