Observability Pipeline for Dummies

How do you get the data out of your infrastructure and applications in order to properly observe, monitor, and secure their running states while minimizing overlap, wasted resources, and cost?
Many business folks need a broad category of tools in all their environments to solve challenges such as up and down monitoring, metrics, a time series database (TSDB), log analytics, event streaming, security information and event management (SIEM), user behavior analytics (UBA), and data lakes. The answer to the proposed question to solve these hurdles is using an observability pipeline.
This book introduces you to the concept of observability pipelines, which help slash costs, improve performance, and get the right data, to the right destinations, in the right formats, at the right time. Observability is the practice of interrogating your environment without knowing in advance the questions you need to ask. That means making choices and living with the consequences. These choices almost always present tradeoffs. More data means more money. Standardizing on one platform limits flexibility and dropping data may limit what you can learn from your environment.
Peruse the chapters in this book to see how implementing an observability pipeline can keep you learning limitlessly from your environment.

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