Mastering User Retention Playbook

You’ve invested time and money into acquiring new users-but are you keeping them?
Without effective customer retention, your user base can be like a leaky bucket, resulting in few long-term users and unsustainable growth.
But with deliberate focus, you can improve retention at all stages of the user lifecycle to reduce churn and boost lifetime value. That’s why we’ve created an adaptable, repeatable strategy you can apply for products at all stages of growth and in all verticals.
With this playbook, you will learn:
  • How to gauge your business’s true growth.
  • The importance of analyzing retention at different stages of a user’s lifecycle.
  • How to identify user behaviors and actions correlated with retention.
  • How to convert newly acquired users into ongoing users.
  • How to turn current users into more engaged power users.
  • How to reactivate dormant users.
Better understand your customers and implement a user retention strategy today.
Get the Mastering User Retention Playbook!

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