Liberate Your Data from Oracle: Moving from On-Premises to the Cloud

Skyrocketing on-premises Oracle costs and the trappings of single-vendor lock-in are prompting many organizations to instead pursue a Postgres cloud database solution. But moving on from Oracle to a cloud provider’s Postgres solution is often time-consuming, technically challenging, and costly—often leaving enterprises with the feeling they’ve only swapped one vendor lock-in headache for another.
In making the Oracle break, organizations are turning to EDB BigAnimal Postgres-as-a -Service. With BigAnimal, you run the same fully managed Postgres environment—in any cloud—which reduces database deployment and management time, simplifies migrations, and reduces licensing fees.

Read this White Paper to learn how BigAnimal provides a clean break from Oracle by:

  • Minimizing deployment and management of Postgres databases by using the customer’s choice of cloud platforms or EDB’s own cloud infrastructure
  • Safeguarding business-critical workloads by providing multiple high-availability options
  • Reducing organizational reskilling needs by leveraging EDB’s 15 years of Postgres expertise in helping customers migrate their Oracle workloads
  • Providing a straightforward pricing model

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