Identity: The Bedrock of our Digital Lives

An EMEA consumer survey of online behaviour, trust, passwords, and preferences
Those of us in cybersecurity spend an inordinate amount of time exploring the best ways to keep people safe online. We know that passwords aren’t the answer – they’re bad for security, and the need to create and remember them (or not) for every account is bad for the user experience.
But that’s our perspective. How do consumers feel?
We wanted to find out, so we commissioned a survey of more than 5,000 consumers across Europe and the Middle East. Some questions included:
  • – Do you believe the use of passwords is safe?
  • – Do you re-use passwords for multiple accounts?
  • – How do you store or remember passwords?
  • – What do you think about going passwordless?
  • – Would you be open to a government-issued digital ID?
Download the report to read their answers. You’ll see that consumers have in some ways become complacent, yet many are willing to entertain new techniques, including passwordless, if they can be convinced it’s safe.

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