Hybrid Cloud Complimentary Test Drive

Nutanix Cloud Platform
Modernize Your Datacenter
Build a hybrid multicloud on industry-leading hyperconverged infrastructure.

  • Experience the simplicity and agility you’ll need to keep your applications and databases available, performant and secure – now and in the future.
  • Manage compute, storage and networking from a single-view with 1-click operations.
  • Try the platform now! There’s no hardware, set-up, or download required!

Hybrid Cloud with NC2
Build a Hybrid cloud with NC2 AWS and Azure
Leverage the power of private and public clouds with seamless migration of apps across clouds.

  • Lift-and-shift your applications to public cloud with no re-architecting
  • Rapidly expand private cloud capacity by bursting into public clouds
  • A single management plane to unify infrastructure operations across multiple clouds

Nutanix Database Service (NDB)
Simplify Database Operations
Simplify database operations across clouds

  • Efficiently manage hundreds to thousands of databases with no complex migration required.
  • Quickly provision new databases, automate important but tedious administrative tasks.
  • Easily select the right operating systems, database versions, and database extensions to meet application and compliance requirements.

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