How legacy QA tools are holding you back

It’s time to challenge the testing status quo.
Test management software that comes bundled with an enterprise solution presents obvious obstacles to efficient and comprehensive testing. Dispersed data storage, static interfaces, limited browser support, frequent software crashes and maintenance and customization expense are common roadblocks.
As a growing number of companies adopt Agile and DevOps methodologies, it has become clear that legacy testing solutions are a roadblock to Agile and DevOps transformation success.
Agile’s popularity stems in part from the rapid movement of consumer and business marketplaces to digital communications and transactions. Our economy now requires reliable, defect-free software that delivers a user experience as good as or better than the competition. New solutions, updates and applications emerge faster than ever, and users have little patience for flaws or deficient functionality. Software issues damage corporate operations and supply chain productivity and even customer relationships.

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