How AI and Quantum Computing Can Be Applied to Final-Mile Logistics

Logistics organizations can meet and surpass demands — by harnessing the power of AI and quantum computing. This powerful combination can help structure unstructured data sets, capture and log dark data, and enable near-real-time decision-making.

It’s time to leverage your data to its fullest potential, helping you gain a competitive edge, reduce costs, and boost customer satisfaction.

A recent webinar hosted by Unisys and FreightWaves, “Harnessing data for smarter logistics management,” explored how AI and quantum computing can revolutionize final-mile logistics – the last steps in a parcel’s journey.

During the chat, Unisys’ Sean Tinney and Caroline Woodland connect with FreightWaves’ Grace Sharkey and dive into how your data is the key to transforming logistics from a mere operational necessity to a strategic asset.

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