From hype to reality: Generative AI in the digital workplace

From Chat GPT to Google Bard, there’s no escaping it—everyone is talking about
AI tools. But the discourse is quickly shifting from traditional to generative AI technologies, raising questions about how the rapid evolution and availability of these tools will impact the future of work. How can enterprises use them to boost workplace productivity and enhance employee experience? What are the risks of introducing generative AI into your digital workplace?

This Digital Workplace Deep Dive episode welcomes Suzanne Taylor, Ph.D., vice president of innovation and emerging technology at Unisys, to define the critical differences between traditional and generative AI. She also discusses real-world applications and risk considerations, outlining how organizations can:
  • Adopt generative AI tools in the digital workplace while carefully considering ethical implications and potential biases.
  • Effectively communicate and collaborate with all stakeholders to develop responsible generative AI practices.
  • Continually monitor and evaluate guidelines for workplace use of generative AI tools to achieve a balance between innovation and responsibility.
  • Embrace a human-centered approach to integrating generative AI in your digital workplace to deliver positive employee experiences.

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