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AI: The Future of the SOC
Cybersecurity has a threat remediation problem.
The proliferation of applications, workloads, microservices and users is quickly expanding the digital attack surface. It’s generating vast amounts of data faster than you can detect and protect. As such, the cybersecurity industry needs to continually innovate to stay ahead of evolving challenges.
Cortex® XSIAM™™ embraces an AI-driven architecture in profound ways. It’s transforming SecOps by leaning into AI in areas where machine learning can best augment teams.
XSIAM is the realization of our vision to create the autonomous security platform of the future. It enables dramatically better security with near-real-time detection and response. It allows the SOC team to be proactive instead of reactive. And it frees analysts to focus on the critical issues, like unusual behavior and anomalies.
Don’t get bogged down in outdated methods. Download this e-book for a detailed look under the hood of XSIAM.

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