Digital Workplace Deep Dive Podcast

Digital Workplace Deep Dive Podcast: The secret to using frontline worker experience data to boost productivity

Nearly 80% of the global workforce operates on the front lines, according to Microsoft research. This crucial group of workers requires different enterprise technologies and tools than their desk-bound colleagues. For example, they may not have regular access to traditional corporate communications channels and often share devices to communicate and collaborate.

But many companies take a “one-size-fits-all” approach to providing employees with workplace devices and technology tools. This leads to lost productivity, subpar frontline worker experiences and ultimately, missed opportunities for business growth.

Learn strategies for unleashing the potential of your frontline workforce in an enlightening conversation with Beth Schultz, vice president of research for Metrigy, and Unisys digital workplace experts Bobby Arbuthnot, Stacy Harder and Stephen Tong. This episode of Digital Workplace Deep Dive explores common frontline worker challenges and how successful enterprises use digital workplace data to deliver a better employee experience and enable productivity, including:

  • Providing seamless integration of communication and collaboration tools, like Microsoft Teams
  • Implementing workshops tailored to diverse worker personas
  • Applying AI-driven insights to measure and improve employee experience
  • Introducing organizational change management (OCM) for frontline worker experience programs
  • Ignite your organization’s digital workplace by recognizing the unique needs of your frontline workers and transforming their employee experience.

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