Digital Transformation Mandates
a Network Security Rethink

Dynamic Network Segmentation: A Must Have in the Age of Zero Trust

The IT landscape is rapidly evolving to meet the demands of our digitally transforming world and a radically changed business environment that calls for always-on performance and agility at scale. As a result, clientserver computing has given way to disruptive IT architectures that reshape business and ownership models. These include private and public cloud services, ‘bring your own device’ (BYOD), mobility and the Internet of Things (IoT).

With this digital transformation comes unique security challenges which traditional solutions were never designed to address. Foremost among these challenges is the erosion of the corporate network perimeter. To address this challenge, IT leaders must apply a modern, unified security solution that dynamically segments the new corporate network to secure users, devices, and apps – regardless of their location. Implementing this network segmentation is a critical step toward the adoption of a true Zero Trust security posture.

Download this whitepaper to understand:
  • Why point solutions alone can fail to address the issues
  • What dynamic network segmentation is and what it looks like in action
  • The best practices and how to get started today

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