Cortex Xpanse Sets the
ASM Standard

A comprehensive guide to the ASM market.

Independent Analysis of the ASM Landscape

As the realm of cyberthreats expands, organizations have the difficult task of managing their attack surfaces effectively. Attack surface management enables proactive cybersecurity strategies and mitigates risks by reducing an organization’s exposure to potential attacks. With that said, ASM can be a vital part in an overall enterprise risk management strategy.

To help leaders evaluate vendor capabilities, KuppingerCole has produced the 2023 Leadership Compass Report for Attack Surface Management.

Download the report for deep insights into:
  • The changing ASM market and the capabilities you should expect from a leading vendor.
  • The strengths and limitations of more than two dozen providers and their products.
  • Why Cortex Xpanse® was rated an Overall, Product, Innovation and Market Leader with our Active Attack Surface Management platform.

“Their solutions are scalable, innovative, and focused on security and interoperability. Any organization searching for ASM solutions should have Palo Alto Networks Xpanse on their shortlist for consideration.”

– Osman Celik and John Tolbert, Research Analysts, KuppingerCole

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