API Management with MuleSoft Series

From improving business agility to enhancing connectivity, APIs are instrumental in many of the applications, integrations, and processes we rely on. Universal API Management enhances an organization’s ability to work with any API built and deployed anywhere.

Learn how API Management products within Anypoint Platform can help you build, discover, govern, manage, and engage with all of your APIs regardless of where it’s built or running.

The playlist contains seven videos that walk you through all of the API Management offerings MuleSoft provides:

  1. Episode 1: Build APIs using Anypoint Code Builder
  2. Episode 2: Discover and Catalog Any API
  3. Episode 3: How to Govern APIs for Security Teams
  4. Episode 4: How to Govern API Specifications for Developers
  5. Episode 5: Control and manage any API with Anypoint API Manager
  6. Episode 6: How to Govern API Policy Instances for Developers
  7. Episode 7: Engage Developers with Easy to Set Up API Ecosystem

Watch the videos sequentially or jump from different videos by clicking on the menu button (three lines with a play button) on the top right of the video.

Presented by:

Sue Siao, Technical Product Marketing Manager, MuleSoft

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