Addressing Today's Mental Healthcare Industry Challenges

Since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic three years ago, HR teams have made great strides in mental healthcare offerings by allowing for virtual care and making more options available to employees. The bad news is, we’re still coming up short when it comes to meeting employee needs. A recent poll by CNN and the Kaiser Family Foundation shows that 90% of adults say the U.S. is experiencing a mental health crisis.
Given the problems employees and leaders are facing today, how do we offer mental healthcare that solves employer challenges and meets employees where they are?
In our latest report, we discuss how Headspace Health is solving current industry challenges with a comprehensive mental healthcare offering. Learn more about:
  • Today’s largest industry challenges facing both employers and their teams
  • How Headspace Health is reducing the burden on benefits leaders
  • Headspace Health’s spectrum of mental healthcare offerings that improve access, outcomes, and engagement – at a lower cost

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