Accounts Payable Metrics That
Matter in 2024

Metrics have always been importing for tracking progress, but in 2024 they’re more important than ever. The good news is they’re also more accurate than ever-so you can use them to make better decisions and create cycles of continuous improvement.
In this report by Ardent Partners and Tradeshift, discover the most crucial accounts payable (AP) metrics for businesses today. Get a view of wider industry benchmarks across all elements of the AP department, from invoicing to payment processing. Learn how you can use metrics to set realistically ambitious objectives, and identify the markers that give early signals of a need to course-correct.
  • The state of AP in 2024
  • Innovation and tech trends shaping the AP function
  • The top AP metrics you should pay attention to
  • The 5 pillars of best-in-class AP performance

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