6 ways Terraform can help secure your infrastructure

The way organizations provision infrastructure has significantly changed as they move from dedicated servers to capacity on-demand in the cloud. Homogeneous blueprints of infrastructure owned by IT have grown inefficient and outdated. In the cloud, infrastructure resources must be readily available across a variety of providers.
While infrastructure automation underpins the move to the cloud and the overall modernization of application delivery, this shift exposes organizations to a diverse new set of security challenges. According to the 2023 HashiCorp State of the Cloud Strategy Survey, security ranked as the #1 enabler of multi-cloud success.
Security is important — everyone knows how crucial it is to stay on top of the rapidly changing cloud security landscape. But to do so, organizations must address shortcomings in their traditional provisioning processes, including:
  • Slow, error-prone, manual workflows and ticketing systems
  • A lack of built-in security controls or secure templates for infrastructure code reuse
  • Inconsistent or non-existent policy enforcement processes
  • No system to detect non-compliant or drifted infrastructure
  • Insufficient auditing and observability

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