5 Ways an ESG Data Hub Helps Insurers Improve Sustainability and Reporting

Environmental, social and governance and sustainability pressure is mounting for insurance companies. Customers, investors, employees, government agencies: they all want greater transparency into ESG practices, impacts, mitigation plans and risks.
But ESG data is often scattered across business units and legacy and cloud repositories. Making it a time-consuming, costly and error-prone process to create accurate reporting.
A sustainability and ESG data hub can help.
Read the ebook to discover how you can fuel benefits like:
  • – Gain insight into portfolio and underwriting activities with better data
    management and governance
  • – Accurately report ESG performance for government compliance and investors
  • – Optimize your supply chain with end-to-end visibility and improved
  • – Tie ESG and sustainability performance to business strategy
  • – Unlock the brand potential of your ESG and sustainability data

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