Device Proofing: Optimizing Fraud Capture in a Digital Environment

Online purchases have grown quickly over the last several years, and consumers have moved toward mobile devices as their primary means of engagement, impacting how they shop for groceries, engage with retail stores, order their morning coffee, and plan their next vacation. Ensuring that these digital interactions remain frictionless for good customers and safeguarded from fraud helps protect your bottom line.
Learn how to protect your business from digital fraud losses while providing a friction-right user experience with Device Proofing:
  • Distinguish fraudsters from true customers based on device reputation and history and insights from a global consortium
  • Corroborate users’ digital information against authoritative offline and online consumer data

  • Leverage user behavior to detect familiarity with identity data to flag suspicious behaviors and minimize risk
Download this insight guide to learn more about Device Proofing, a unique, layered approach for robust digital fraud coverage.

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