Account Takeover Fraud is Rising

Learn how to fight back effectively without adding unnecessary friction
Account takeover (ATO) fraud is on the rise, and it can be devastating to consumers and businesses, resulting in copious chargebacks and a loss in brand trust. Consumers spend countless hours trying to resolve an attack and can lose money or loyalty points as a result of ATO fraud. At the same time, an ATO experience can severely damage your business’s reputation, since almost 50% of consumers say they hold online brands responsible for protecting them against online fraud and theft. As fraudulent purchases are uncovered, chargebacks mount and customer loyalty plummets.
Download the insight guide, which contains key insights on preventing account takeover fraud while preserving a positive customer experience:
  • How fraudsters perpetuate account takeover fraud using a variety of access points, including online channels and call centers
  • Why mobile phones are particularly vulnerable, and how they can be hijacked by fraudsters
  • How criminals can be thwarted using device proofing 


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