Download the new 2022 “O’Reilly Cloud Native Security Cookbook – Recipes for a Secure Cloud,” then keep it handy. This guide is packed with key ingredients and instructions for the cloud native system you currently manage or are planning for right now.
As any IT team can tell you, the cloud is a great enabler and disruptor. As the fundamentals for building systems evolve, many principles that underpin security still ring true, but their implementation has become unrecognizable. This practical book provides recipes for AWS®, Azure® and GCP® to help you enhance the security of your own cloud native systems.
You already know O’Reilly for its respected tech learning publications and platforms. Here’s some background on the author of this must-have pro-level guide:
Josh Armitage, a consultant and expert in cloud native technologies, lean software development and DevSecOps transformations, works with some of the world’s biggest enterprises and rapidly iterating startups. In this book, he explains the judgments and
trade-offs that security professionals, developers and infrastructure teams need to make when working with different cloud providers. Each recipe unfolds inherent compromises, cloud similarities and fundamental differences to help you make better decisions.

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