Why Customer Identity?

Today’s companies must enable their customers to engage with their apps or services at any time, from any device, in a secure and safe manner. At the same time, companies must also ensure that these engagements are convenient and consistent across the full range of digital channels.
For digital-first organizations or those wrestling with digital transformation, Customer Identity and Access Management (CIAM) is a fundamental technology to enable their digital business strategy.
This whitepaper describes how a modern, centralized approach to Customer Identity can help organizations scale revenue, ensure security, build trust with customers, and free IT and development resources to focus on launching and managing new services for the digital age.
A modern CIAM solution empowers organizations to address — efficiently and effectively — all of these pressures, and more. In this high-level overview, we aspire to show you that the answer to “Why CIAM?” is much richer than most people realize.
  • Business benefits
  • How Customer Identity can optimize both customer and developer experiences
  • Case studies of Customer Identity in action
  • What to look for in a robust CIAM solution
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