Unlocking the power of passwordless on any app

Passwords aren’t safe — they just create the illusion of safety. In reality, frequent data breaches mean that user identity isn’t really secure. But while hybrid organizations want to embrace zero trust security architecture and go passwordless, the process of doing so on legacy apps can be really hard.. How can you go passwordless without refactoring or leaving legacy apps behind? And how can you do it at scale without going through constant change management? That’s exactly what we share in this eBook. If you’ve picked a passwordless provider and want to press the easy button on deployment for legacy apps, this eBook’s for you.
We’ll cover:
  • The top reasons organizations have to go passwordless or face the security consequences
  • How to move any app to passwordless authentication (even if it doesn’t speak modern authentication protocols)
  • How to leverage Identity Orchestration to scale passwordless adoption
Read the report to learn:

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