Turn Challenges into Opportunities: Your Guide to an Adaptable Strategy for Workforce Transformation

Thursday, February 29, 2024

1:00 PM Eastern Standard Time

1 hour

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The pandemic didn’t create the nurse staffing crisis affecting hospitals and care facilities across the U.S., but it did bring it into mainstream conversation. Shortages of healthcare’s unsung heroes have plagued the industry for decades, but modern technological advances offer innovative solutions that previous generations didn’t have.
For organizations that want to not only survive but thrive, adopting flexible models for nurse staffing is a mandate that requires embracing new ideas that enhance existing strategies. In this webinar, you’ll discover the transformative power of integrating a digital marketplace that fulfills per diem staffing needs. When W-2s aren’t enough, utilizing external talent is crucial to meet fluctuating patient care demands while preventing burnout among full-time employees.
With the right supplemental platform in place, you can support the health of your staff, the patients who entrust their care to your facility, and your organization’s bottom line. Hear from seasoned nurse leaders about the cost-effectiveness of utilizing an on-demand workforce solution that matches the right clinicians with the right place at the right time. Learn the value of tapping in pools of vetted, qualified nurses who can relieve understaffed teams and infuse fresh perspectives and resilience to improve nurse retention. Explore how a tech-powered per diem resource yields substantial cost savings compared to traditional staffing agencies or travel nurses.
Most importantly, find your way to a more secure future supported by care teams who feel valued and complemented by fellow nurses who share their main goal – to be at the bedside of every patient in need.
Learning Objectives:
Healthcare leaders will leave this session with:
  • A better understanding of the transformative power of a tech-enabled per diem staffing platform
  • Actionable strategies for diversifying their workforce strategy with more flexible models
  • A renewed focus on managing cost savings and providing quality care by embracing digital innovation.


Curtis Anderson
CEO and Founder, Nursa

Curtis Anderson is the CEO and founder of Nursa, a two-way digital marketplace platform that focuses on getting a nurse to the bedside of every patient in need. From a young age, Curtis displayed interest in using software to improve the world around him. In 2017, he purchased a staffing agency, and quickly saw there was a better way to help nurses, facilities, and patients. Nursa was born in a basement and bootstrapped with personal cash, launching in 2019 from the bedrock granite of Lake Bonneville outside of Salt Lake City. Curtis is passionate about making the process of care delivery more efficient for everyone and also serves on the board of directors for the Utah Chapter of HIMSS in pursuit of that goal.

Sandra Dietrich, MHA, MSN, RN, NEA-BC
Executive Nurse Consultant for Workforce Innovation and Clinical Transformation

Sandra Dietrich is a career nurse executive with decades of experience in team building, program development, operational excellence, and enhancing nursing quality outcomes. Her deep commitment to fostering nursing excellence and driving transformative change stems from her decades of service with leading hospitals and health systems of all sizes.
Sandra started her career as a medical-surgical and ER staff nurse and went on to lead care teams as a nursing manager before advancing to executive leadership positions. She most recently served as Assistant Vice President of Nursing Professional Practice and Development for AtlantiCare Regional Medical Center, a role in which she was responsible for building, implementing and evaluating standards of evidence-based patient care while also advocating for nursing staff and leaders through professional development.

Jeannine Raymond, RN, MS
Senior Vice President of Client Success, Nursa

Jeannine Raymond is the Senior Vice President of Client Success at Nursa, a nationwide platform that exists to put a nurse at the bedside of every patient in need. She began her career as an ICU staff nurse and advanced to leadership roles for some of the country’s leading hospital management companies and health plans.
A seasoned executive with in-depth experience, Jeannine offers a holistic understanding of healthcare with demonstrated success constructing, expanding and guiding client management teams across payer, provider and channel partner segments.
In her role at Nursa, Jeannine serves as a trusted advisor for growth initiatives, driving revenue growth, ensuring client retention, and delivering unparalleled user experience for health system partners and professionals.

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