Transforming Industrial and Automotive Manufacturing

Divergent Technologies and Czinger Vehicles developed a digital production system that can revolutionize automotive and industrial scale manufacturing. Divergent uses new manufacturing solutions and their Divergent Adaptive Production System (DAPS™) software to make vehicle manufacturing more efficient, less costly and decrease manufacturing waste by replacing existing design and production processes.
Divergent initially used on-premises workstations to run HPC simulations but faced challenges because their workstations could not achieve fast enough simulation times. Divergent also needed to free staff from managing the HPC system, CAE integration and IT update tasks.
Divergent turned to TotalCAE to help them meet their challenges. TotalCAE provides total management of Divergent’s HPC system using TotalCAE Managed HPC Clusters for day-to-day workloads, and TotalCAE on Azure for overflow work. The solution provides easy access to submitting HPC jobs, TotalCAE support and the ability to burst data to the cloud when required.

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