The State of Play in the Private 5G Market

“With the global private 5G market projected to reach $7.5bn by 2027, various stakeholders including service providers, are keen to tap into this lucrative opportunity.
In this report read how connectivity, edge computing, and the application ecosystem will become complementary assets that will drive enterprise transformation. Any enterprise deploying private 5G will need a mix of connectivity, multiple computing locations, hybrid architecture, and applications to meet its varied needs. A unified platform that enables connectivity, computing, and applications becomes a game changer as it eases adoption and provides a consistent experience and unified set of tools.
  • – The intersection of private 5G, edge computing, and applications creates a clear service provider opportunity with regard to a cloud-native platform play
  • – Private 5G applications need a cloud-native platform located at the edge, to ensure the necessary performance and latency
  • – A unified cloud-native platform that can support hybrid cloud and different architecture options will make it easier for enterprises to execute their digital transformation strategy

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