The State of Cloud-Native
Security Report 2023

The State of Cloud-Native Security Report 2023 is the result of a months-long survey traversing seven countries and five sectors of industry to consult with more than 2,500 cloud security and DevOps professionals — from chief executives to developers to security technicians — with the goal of identifying pivotal decisions affecting cloud-native development and security outcomes.
The results of this year’s survey, which consisted of just under 50 meticulously chosen questions, presents a fresh look at best practices in cloud-native security.

Join our webinar to learn about The State of Cloud-Native Security Report for insights stemming from 2023 data that includes: 

  • – New deployment frequency has increased by 67% in the past 12 months
  • – 76% of respondents deploy new or updated code to production weekly
  • – 72% of organizations report an above-average turnover rate in cloud security roles
  • – 78% of respondents want better day-1 security from tools
  • – 77% of organizations say aligning security tools with security goals is challenging


Martijn Baecke
Senior Product Marketing Manager

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