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The C-Suite Dialogue on
Generative AI

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Generative AI is revolutionizing enterprises faster than you think — what can leaders do about it?
Don Vu, CDO of Northwestern Mutual, a Fortune 100 financial services company, joins Dael Williamson, Databricks Field CTO, and Grace Browne, Wired writer, to discuss generative AI and its impact at the enterprise level.
The executive dialogue will cover a variety of topics, from how companies can get started on large language models to key customer use cases, as well as how AI is evolving talent strategy. You will also learn:
  • The strategic considerations in choosing an approach in generative AI, and how tech leaders should ensure data and IP ownership in the rapidly evolving AI race
  • How to establish a future-proof architectural foundation to unleash AI agility securely and economically
  • How to identify the right AI use cases to drive business value and minimize risks
  1. Learn how Northwestern Mutual leverages AI across its business, including its digital end-to-end underwriting experience
  2. Learn how banks in Europe share data and co-train ML models with third parties to accelerate innovation and ensure compliance


Don Vu
Dael Williamson
Field CTO
Grace Browne
Staff Writer

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