SSE Leads the Way to SASE

Full report by Enterprise Strategy Group
With users and applications anywhere and everywhere, organizations are looking at new, more efficient ways to protect their users and sensitive data. Secure access service edge (SASE) models are drawing plenty of attention, but they require more extensive security and network re-architecting than some organizations are ready for.
This is where the security service edge (SSE) framework comes in. By providing modern security capabilities with less disruption to existing network architectures, they make an excellent stepping stone to a complete SASE implementation.
This report from ESG, based on a survey of 390 North American IT and security professionals, provides a thorough analysis of today’s secure digital transformation journeys, including:
  • Top security needs driving enterprises to get started with SSE
  • Tactical and strategic challenges organizations are facing
  • Key capabilities serving as common SSE starting points
  • Where organizations are on the path to transformation
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