Scaling to the cloud with a reliable SAP ERP

ERP systems are the backbone of a company, and any ERP downtime can be expensive. Syngenta was hosting their business-critical applications in traditional data centers. The company wanted to switch to a reliable ERP system that would run in the cloud.
Having been a strategic SAP partner for Syngenta for over 19 years, Infosys’ primary aim was to execute this complex transformation without major setbacks. To do so, Infosys positioned architects to help the project through wave planning, drawing on our vast experience and leveraging Infosys Cobalt, which acted as a force multiplier for enterprise transformation.
With the help of Infosys, Syngenta was able to migrate to a cloud solution that could handle seasonal demand and higher workloads. The move allowed Syngenta to scale up during peak seasons and scale back as needed.
Discover how Syngeta’s cloud-first journey with Infosys is helping them transform the way they work.

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