Make the most of your data fabric with Tableau

Accelerate time to value with self-service analytics and modern data governance built to scale

Data is the heartbeat of the modern enterprise. Data fabrics—with the capacity to unlock data and connect applications—are central to the future of work and underpin transformation initiatives, powering everything from increased automation to digital-first experiences. Organizations are pivoting to this composable IT model, empowering more people—developers and non-developers alike—to connect data and applications in a secure, efficient, and frictionless way.
Data fabric designs have quickly become the North Star of data architectures. Read this whitepaper to learn more about how to make the most of your data fabric with Tableau, including:
  • Data fabric design and its role in data management
  • How the Tableau suite of products support and enhance data fabric designs
  • How leaders set data strategies for real-time insights that everyone can act on with Tableau Genie and Salesforce Customer 360


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