Webinar On Demand

How to Stem the Rising Tide of Bad Debt

Hosted by:

Kim Barefoot
Director of Operations,
Patient Balance Management
Banner Health

April Wilson
Vice President,
Product Management

Learning Objectives
  • How insurance discovery leads to a reduction in bad debt
  • How to use automation to increase cash acceleration and free staff from manual tasks
  • How to reduce patient complaints and lower AR days
When it comes to bad debt, a lot is out of hospitals’ control. Medicaid redeterminations, the rise of high-deductible health plans and economic headwinds have all contributed to rising bad debt and uncompensated care over the past few years, further squeezing margins. But that doesn’t mean hospitals and health systems are powerless.
Banner Health, a 30-hospital system based in Phoenix, is using insurance discovery as one way to improve its patient balance management operations. This on-demand webinar will help listeners understand insurance discovery tools’ impact on core revenue cycle KPIs, enabling a more holistic revenue management process.

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