Governance for Tableau

Access to data—by everyone, everywhere—is a business imperative. The answers to today’s most pressing business challenges, like the need to do more with less, lie in the data, just waiting to be uncovered.
When data is unique, timely, and trusted, it challenges intuition; provides actionable insights; optimizes productivity and efficiency; drives strategic initiatives; and helps organizations quickly and intelligently respond to rapid changes and predict what’s next.
That’s why organizations are arming people at all levels with real-time data and analytics. When you empower teams across the business with actionable insights in real time, they can unlock new opportunities, boost efficiency and productivity while cutting costs, and make smarter, faster decisions with a complete and trusted view of the business.
Right-sized governance of data and analytics allows both IT and business
This guide will explain how governance in Tableau creates trust and confidence by establishing controls, roles, and repeatable processes across three main areas.


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