Five Tips for Choosing the Right AMR to Improve Worker Productivity

Here are five top tips to consider before selecting an AMR to increase productivity for your enterprise.
With labor challenges a persistent problem, manufacturers and warehouse managers seek to improve worker productivity by eliminating workflow inefficiencies. Industrial automation solutions using flexible autonomous mobile robots (AMRs) can help. They can deliver tangible positive results no matter where companies rank in terms of digital maturity.
AMRs are a key pillar of both efficient warehouse robotics and smart manufacturing technology solutions. These industrial automation solutions are the right prescription because they adapt to every company’s dynamic business needs. Material handling optimization with AMRs eases worker burdens and helps them focus on more worthy tasks. Reconfigurable robotic systems solve workflow inefficiencies and can adapt dynamically. Such easy reconfigurability makes AMRs easy to integrate into existing and future operations.
Businesses need to consider a wide range of factors before picking an automation solution that will eliminate workflow inefficiencies and boost performance. Because there is no one-size-fits-all solution, read on about the factors to work with before making AMRs an essential component of your company’s material handling strategy — today and in the future.

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