Engineering in a cookieless world

Third party cookies are essential for how your marketing teams do targeting, profiling, and demographic segmenting—and they’re going away. Without third party cookies, your marketing team will need to find a replacement — and they’ll want you to build it.
The good news is that the data your marketing team needs to make smart decisions and deliver personalized experiences is at your fingertips. You just need to unlock it.
In this whitepaper, we’ll explain what’s changing, why, and how engineering teams can support the business during this turbulent time. We’ll explain some strategies that will help you obtain vital marketing data, and how to balance the needs of your marketing team with respect for customer privacy.
Download now to learn:
  • Why Third-Party Cookies Are Going Away
  • What Your Marketing Team Will Ask For — And Why
  • Getting the Zero-Party Data
  • Getting the First-Party Data
  • Picking The Right Tools For The Job

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