Digital Transformation: Empowering Business Leaders To Maximize Data And Analytics For Today And The Future

Armed with the right data, analytical tools, and organizational discipline, leaders can turn data insights into business value. This Forbes Insights report, prepared in collaboration with Tableau and Deloitte Digital, surveyed 650 global business leaders to assess how they are approaching digital transformation, their goals for data and analytics, and and to what extent they are exceeding.

Insights Summary:

  • Leaders indicate that data and analytics play a central role in achieving their digital transformation goals.
  • Data-driven decision making is seen as a competitive advantage that can lead to significant revenue gains.
  • Regulatory constraints and privacy laws emerged as perceived obstacles to the comprehensive understanding of customer journeys with data and analytics.
  • There is a pressing need for better data skills in order to support data-driven collaboration goals. Creating a culture of learning and providing data literacy training presents a significant first-mover edge.
This report’s insights provide a detailed roadmap to effectively use data to power analytics-driven decisions and actions.

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